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Nassau Swimming Club, Inc
Home of the Dolphins
50th Season Celebration
1960 - 2010
Nassau Swim Club Past Presidents
Nassau Swim Club was incorporated in September of 1960. The pool and facilities opened Memorial Day Weekend in 1961. There were 50 Charter Members who had the inspiration to build a summer swimming and diving club for the families centered in and around Nassau Village. Nassau Swim Club is a center piece for the community and our members represent the very best. Many of our current members are children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren of some of Nassau's members from the year the pool opened. The first President of Nassau Swim Club was Thomas Fisher. Nassau Swim Club resides on the property in a section of Ridley Township formerly called Nassau Village. Here are articles from the 1960's on the Club's formation.

The pool and grounds have changed over the years to accommodate our member's wishes. Nassau's large pool is a unique size unlike other clubs in the area. Our large pool is 33 meters in length and has 5 swimming lanes. This unique pool size offers challenges to our Nassau's Swim Team opponents during home swim meets. The large pool has a newer slide which offers our members a thrilling, twisting ride into the 5 foot section of the pool. The club has 2 one meter diving boards.

Nassau's Swimming and Diving Teams have competed in the Intra-County League since inception of the club's existence. Our Teams have won many Intra-County League Championships over the years, and have had a significant number of Champion Swimmers and Divers who have gone onto compete at the Collegiate Level. Nassau's first swimming coach was Carl Schnellenbach and first diving coach was Clem Viglotti. Some of former our outstanding swimming and diving competitors include Jean and Diane Perzchowski, John Tingle, Kathy Gannon, Diane Humes, Lisa Prettyman, Joanne Carey, Eric and Gene Pot, Matt O'Neil, Beth Ann Kerrigan, Chrissy Cannon, Judy Cassidy, Terry Slenn, Janet Anderson, Joe Reid, and Theresa and Susan Gaval, and Joe Dougherty. Today, our Nassau swimmers and divers represent the very best in all of Delaware County including the O'Prey kids, Connor and Tara, and Shane Bonner. There are many up and coming competitors including Todd Walker, Kristin O'Neill, the Hulsey twins, Joe and Mike, who are following the footsteps of former outstanding twins, the Bonner Boys--Justin and Josh, Liam Thompson, Danielle Simister, Kara Green, and Katie Hilferty. Nassau swimming and diving teams remain strong and competitive. Our diving team has won the Intra-County Diving Championship 7 out of the last 10 years and our swim team is always a formable opponent in the league and has earned many Intra County League Championships.

Nassau Swim Club has hosted many entertainment events over the years to service our Membership including children and adult splash parties. There have been the Miss Nassau Pageants, Bowling League, Trout Fishing expedition in the pool, and in its earlier days held Harvest Dance and Holiday Socials to keep the membership active in the off-season. Full card Bingo is always a much anticipated event on Sunday afternoons. The Club has supported various charitable events over the years including Swim-a-Thon for Make a Wish Foundation in Memory of Beth O'Brien and Old Fashion BBQ for American Heart Association in Memory of Lisa Bauer. However, the main entertainment activity for the club has been the annual Membership Appreciation Day, a tradition that has been around for many, many years that honors our members. The Club's grounds include a full size basketball court and wiffle ball field, which are located behind the large pool. There have been 2 new 1 meter diving boards added, and a brand new slide placed in the 5 foot area of the pool. The grounds recently added 2 horseshoe pits for weekend tournaments and a sand-filled volleyball area. The Club offers our members the opportunity to BBQ on weekends and holidays. A separate area offers 6 gas grills for our members to cook for their families and friends, and also showcase their menu. Members come together on weekends and share with other member's food and recipes. Our members really know how to BBQ! Adjacent to the baby pool is a large play-set and swings. A pavilion is located behind the babypool that offers plenty of shade for our young babies after splashing and playing in the baby pool. The pavilion is also used to enjoy a birthday party for children, a baby shower, or even a graduation party.

Nassau has also been a supporter of community needs. Our complex includes a baseball field for our members and residents of our community during the year for baseball and softball. Boys and girls from Leedom Little League and Ridley Park Athletic League practice and play on our field where they develop skills and knowledge of the sport. And on Wednesday's our field is used by the Challenger League. In the past, Nassau's office has been used to support civic events on Election Day and Leedom Fire Company has utilized our pool for training. The Club has gone under significant capital improvements in the last seven years. Principally, the club has added a new filtration system, renovated the ladies and men's room, sand-blasted the large pool and baby pool, and have added many additional infrastructure improvements to upgrade and maintain the site. In the last 7 years Nassau has reinvested over $120,000 back into the club and facilities. After 50 years the pool and infrastructure are strong and ready for many, many years of family enjoyment.

Congratulations to all Nassau members, past and present. This season truly marks a major milestone for the Nassau Family. On behalf of the Board of Governors, we wish you and your family a wonderful time at Nassau Swim Club. We look forward to another 50 seasons of summer fun under the sun at Nassau Swim Club. And remember"why fly over 1,000 miles to the Caribbean"when the real Nassau is just around the corner"...here in Ridley. Tell your family and friends about Nassau, and Come Swim with the Dolphins!Sincerely,
Tim Stewart, President (2009-2011)
Timothy T. Stewart, CMA, MBA
President, Board of Governors
Nassau Swim Club.