25 South Swarthmore Ave. Ridley Park, PA 19078 | 610.461.9301

For bond redemption please click here and request a redemption form and someone will contact you via email with what you need.   

*Please note that decisions on Membership Holds, Swim Offs and Bond Redemptions MUST be made by May 1st.

​​To Join Nassau Swim Club

For More Information on Membership, Please 
Email nassauswimmingclub@gmail.com

Being that Nassau is a private Swim Club, the Membership Committee will consider applications for
membership in the Club and recommend to the General Membership suitable applicants.

Candidates for membership must be personally known and recommended by at least
2 BONDED Members.Membership in this club shall consist of family units.

2019 Summer Rates

First Year Membership Special:

1 Person  | $299
2 People  | $349
3 People  | $429
4 People  | $499
($50 per additional person thereafter)

First Year Discounted Maintenance Fee of $50 (Normally $100) Bond Purchase is Not Required for a First Year Member

Bond Purchase is however optional, for First Year Member If Interested in Bond Purchase See Below.

Existing Member Dues:

1st Adult | $355.00
Second Adult | $75.00
Each Family Dependent | $67.00

*New Reduced Rate!*
Care Giver, 
Care Receiver, Dependent in the household, Dependent in the household (age 23 and over) - $125.00

*Recently Reduced!*
Maintenance Fee | $100 per family

Bond | $275.00
Payment Options:
1 Payment | $275.00
5 Payments per year ($65/year) | $325.00

Bond Payments are to be paid following the first social membership year :

Option #1 | Pay in full at $275.00

 Option #2 | Pay 5 annual installments of $65/yr for a total of $325.00. If a member does not pay $275.00 in full
it is assumed the member has agreed to finance their bond of 5 years paying $65.00 per year.
The difference between the $325.00 and $275.00 is a financing fee. A member may elect to redeem their
bond at the stated value of $275.00, subject to any unpaid dues or penalties.

Bond redemptions are subject to the organization's financing needs,
and redemption may take up to 2 years following formal request for bond redemption.

Daily Guest Fee (per day) | $10.00
Guest Booklets (5 passes, a $15 or 30% savings) | $35.00

*Guest Booklets are good for the summer only and cannot be use in subsequent years.
Note: A member cannot make bond payments without paying membership dues. A person cannot hold a bond of
​ Nassau Swimming Club without having paid their annual summer dues paid, with the exception of placing a bond on hold
​for 1 year which is reserved only for fully bonded members (those who have paid their bond in full and received bond document).